Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wonder Woman Lock Contest

The next installment of our 'win the lock' contest. Answer the question correctly and be entered in a drawing to win the Wonder Woman padlock.

by Ryan Sawyer, graphic designer

Wonder Woman can fly, so why does she need a jet...and for the matter, why does it need to be invisible? She doesn't turn invisible when she's in it, so it just looks like a lady sitting down, zooming through the air. Do you remember when Spider-Man briefly used a dune buggy that could drive up walls? Same concept. It's like giving Aquaman some scuba gear.

Also, I wonder if her "Lasso of Truth" would hold up in court as a legal evidence. I certainly don't think she reads the criminals their rights before she hog ties them with her lasso, and anything they say while being detained by her is almost certainly coerced, since her lasso "forces" them to tell the truth. That'd be a sad day, wouldn't it? Wonder Woman finally catches Lex Luthor red handed doing something incredibly illegal, but the case gets thrown out of court because his "confession" is inadmissable and the invisible security cameras on her invisible jet use invisible tape, so no one can see the footage.

Trivia question: Wonder Woman's creator, William Moulton Marston, had a hand in creating what popular law enforcement tool?

As usual, please email your answers to Donna, donna(underscore)tocci(at)irco(dot)com. Good luck!

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Marrock said...

And don't forget she also kicked Superman's butt on more than one occasion.