Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Breaking News - New Plog on the Block!

A "Plog"? What's a "Plog" you ask? It's the term Jody Perewitz has coined for the new Perewitz Blog! Yup, the Perewitz crew now has their very own blog...excuse me...Plog.

Life at Perewitz will be an inside look at everything Perewitz - where they go, what's cookin' at their shop, who visits and who they are and what their interests may be outside of motorcycles. Did you know that The King of Flames himself is a master landscaper? Now you do. Did you know that Susan Perewitz is a great cook? Now you do...actually, I already knew that because I've been lucky enough to be there at lunch time, but now you know it, too.

Jody will be the main voice on the Plog but others will chime in, too. Yours truly included. I'm very excited because Jody has said that I don't need to write about motorcycles there if I don't want to...I can write about anything Perewitz that I experience when I visit or attend an event with them. Oh, I can come up with a few fun stories for their Plog....stay tuned.

So, go on over and welcome Jody to the blogosphere...or maybe it will be so popular before you know it we'll all be calling it the Plogosphere!

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Jody said...

Thanks for the post Donna! I hope a lot of people look at it! They won't be disappointed!