Thursday, October 11, 2007

A NASCAR Surprise

Thanks to my friend Jeremy Pepper, who knows I'm a NASCAR nut, a got a fantabulous surprise yesterday! Even our UPS guy was impressed. Turns out he's a NASCAR fan, too.

Check it out!

Yes, folks that's an actual tire that was used on Jeff Gordon's car during the 2003 'Dega race. It even as a certificate of authenticity. The action figure is just an added bonus. The real treat is the tire. My office smells like rubber now. That's just too cool.

Thank you, Jeremy!!!! I absolutely love it!

And, this all came at a perfect time...I arrived today in Charlotte. Why? Well, there's a NASCAR race here this weekend, of course. Mr. Gordon just qualified 4th for Saturday night. So...think he'll give up his practice tires? I only need 3 to complete the set....


Robert said...

That is very cool, Donna. Jeremy is a remarkable friend. He does things for people all the time, but really doesn't want anyone to know. Enjoy that trophy tire. Very cool!

Jody said...

That is very cool!! A nice piece for your Nascar collection!