Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Portland's Jonathan Maus on Boston TV

Not sure if I missed this the first time around since all the filming was in the summer, or if they are just getting around to airing it, but tonight's Chronicle (Boston's local channel 5 station) is featuring Portland, Oregon.

In the middle of the feature they talk to our friend Jonathan Maus who they label as a "bike activist and blogger". While they are talking with him he's sitting on his bike and what's attached to the back of the bike? Oh...a bright orange Evolution U-lock! Nice choice, Jonathan ;)

Better still, when they are cutting to break the anchor, Mary Richardson, calls Jonathan a "one man institution" taking on city hall and having the bike blog in the city. They don't mention the name of it, but we all know it's Bikeportland.org and it's fabulous! In all fairness, they do give the information here on their website.

Great to see you on this side of the country, Jonathan, even if it isn't in person. Congrats!

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