Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bomb Blast Protection

I got this email from Karen the other day that said I really needed to see what the Ingersoll Rand European safety team was working on and she gave me a link. Now, I'm sorry, I'm not into doors....doesn't get me excited. I walk threw two here at the office every morning and don't even think about it. I'm sure the door folks think the same about us sometimes (geez, it's just a lock..). But, being a good corporate citizen, I clicked on the link.

Holy Moly...click on the Bomb Blast Doors Link here and watch the video. Bombs. They set of bombs in front of the doors. Crazy people. I want those doors here on this building. Ok, we are in a safe suburb with not much going on here but still....after you see the video you'll know why I want those doors here. Too, too cool. These are sliding doors that can withstand a vehicle bomb. I'm not kidding. It blew me away (oh, bad pun, I know).

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Fritz said...

Wow, cool video. I really like the slow-mo internal cam views. It's amazing how you can see the shockwave moving toward the door.