Friday, October 05, 2007

Interbike - Outside Our Booth

After a heck of a week with a cold, I am finally able to breathe. If you couldn't guess, breathing is not over-rated. I credit the semi-fast turn around to my new found gem - Puffs w/Vicks. I had never seen them before and after a little investigating found out they are new. If you get a cold....go directly to the store and get some. Now...I wonder if they make things for coughs....

But, I digress.....although I spent a lot of time in our booth at Interbike I did get out a couple of times to visit some friends and see some of the sights. Got to the Thule booth to say 'hey' to Karl and Tripp, met a very nice lady at the Larabar booth (if you haven't tried them do it today...they are just too, too good and good for you), got to the Masi/Haro booth a couple of times (how could I not), met new friends at the Shimano booth (as you can see) and found these interesting items along the way.....

Yes, you see a bus in that photo. A real bus that the folks at Clif Bar drive around the country. It was a cool thing to see. I guess they were also doing smoothies or shakes during the show, too, but I got there too late for that (note to self for next year....go on day 1).

A guy rode by our booth on this one of the days of the show but I didn't get the camera out in time. The next day I found it hanging out in this booth. This is just FUN!

Then I found our friend Chris at the Earth, Wind and Rider booth. Check out this wool polo shirt. Chris took a trip around the country this summer and hung out at some messenger events and found that they are playing street polo now. These shirts are just sweeeet....there are 6 total with different colors and numbers that are distinctive to the cities they represent. The numbers are...get this...the area codes (brilliant!) and the colors have something to do with the city...Boston's red because of the Red Sox (ha)...New York is yellow for the taxi cabs, or in my mind for the New York Lock...Oakland is silver to match the Raiders and so forth. Way cool.

My last stop before I packed up and left the show was to visit a long-time friend of mine, Dave Murphy, over at the Sugoi booth. He showed me some absolutely kickin' new items for 2008. He's been with the company for about a year and a half now and I can see his touch pretty much everywhere. There was just too much goodness to take photos of everything, but check out this women's has a cupcake design on it and in the pocket??? The recipe to make cupcakes. How fun is that?! Look for it next spring.
That's it for more Interbike post from me to come...after all, we did have some great things happen IN our booth, too.....
Happy Weekend all!

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