Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I wear the patch, I support the Fund!

by Nicole Hoffman

As a part of my daily routine, I was reading my usual motorcycle racing industry web sites this morning and I noticed an update on Morgan Broadhead (AMA Pro Road Race Manager and fellow WERA racer). Morgan was severely injured on September 28th during WERA/AMA National Challenge Series 750cc Superstock Qualifying at Jennings GP. He has a long road to recovery and needs to be transported back home to Utah. The motorcycle community has in one day contributed over $5,000 but his mom needs at least $14,000 to get him home.

I wear the patch on my leathers and I donate to the Red Flag Fund in support of injured and disabled road racers. To me it is a charity that would be there to support my friends and racing family but I hope it never has to. Match my $100 contribution! It’s easy…go to They accept credit cards, paypal, cash, whatever!

Kryptonite and Dave Perewitz donated this cool trash can to the Red Flag Fund auction in July….a huge thank you to them!

Updates by Morgan's mom are made here regularly.


J. Perewitz said...

Sounds like an awesome Charity! Glad Perewitz could help support it!

Donna T. said...

Nicole checked in this morning...they raised $25,000 in one day with this drive. Amazing.

The Red Flag Fund is a great organization and we were happy to do a small part to support them this year. Thanks for all you do for this charity, Nicole, and for getting us involved!