Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tony Stewart's Perewitz Motorcycle

NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart (aka Smoke) likes pretty much anything that goes fast from dirt tracks to super speedways. He's recently added a brand new motorcycle to his collection that probably fits into that category, too. Not just any motorcycle....a custom Perewitz motorcycle.

Thanks to our close relationship with the Perewitz team, we were able to get some photos of the new creation. By all accounts, Tony loves the bike. We can see why!


Fritz said...


It's a little larger than what I personally like, but I still appreciate beautiful machinery.


Hi All, I recently spent the day with the Perewitz family and created a shop photo walk through of the entire building. I also have shots of Dave sitting on the bike built for Tony and the other created for his Crew leader. My images are also on TheBeachCruiser.com along with one of their great POD interviews. Thanks.

Donna T. said...

Fritz...yes, it is pretty sweet.

Jack - glad you found us! I've seen a few of your photos and they are pretty cool. Isn't Zippy's bike nice, too? All big and orange. We love it so much we put part of it on our main brand website.

Do you live in the area? If you do, and are at the Open House this weekend, come on by the Kryptonite tent and say 'hello'!


Hi Donna,

I'll be in West Palm Beach this weekend with the builder Jerry Graves. Where are you located? I am based in Philadelphia. I would like to meet with you and learn all that you have going on. I'm always looking to share and show new content. Thanks.

Donna T. said...

Hey Jack - we are located in Massachusetts, which is why we can sometimes get sneak peeks at what is going on at the Perewitz shop. We'll be at his Open House Saturday and then all his Bike Nights in the summer.

Our team will be at many events around the country this summer so keep coming back to find out where and if you find yourself up here again, let me know!