Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rumor Patrol - Evolution Mini Stays Put!

We've talked about rumors before. Some make us laugh, some make our eyes roll and some just confound us. This one just astounds was a jaw dropper, actually.

I'm surfing around Bikeforums yesterday afternoon and see that someone heard that the Evolution Mini is being discontinued. What?!

Not true. Not true. Not true.

Yes, the Evolution series 4 is new in the standard and long shackle size, but the Mini is not going anywhere! Holy schmoly. No Mini? Really? That's just silly!

Check out these photos from North American Cycle Courier Championships this past weekend in San Francisco (here, here, here and here). You'll see bits of orange around bikes and in messengers pockets...that's the Evolution Mini. The Mini that isn't going anywhere. The Mini that we love.

Oh, we love it so much, we added another Mini - the KryptoLok Mini. You should be seeing that soon at bike dealers worldwide. Right next to the Evolution Mini. The Evolution Mini that isn't going anywhere. Did I say that already? Got it? Good.


Fritz said...

That's reassuring!

Thanks for 'splainin' about the oval and all on the 4.

Douglas said...

is there a mini in the evolution series 4 in the works?

Donna T. said...

Hi Douglas - the EV Mini may go that route at some point, but not this year.
Safe riding...