Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Road Warrior Powerhouse

What do you get when you combine 60+ years of action sports industry experience with a great product line? A dynamic Kryptonite road team! We are completely tickled to announce our brand new sales team to the world. Ok, so I'm excited, and I think I can speak for everyone else here, too.

One is very familiar to all of our dealers and distributors and to you blog readers – Nadine Fallon-Nassif. She describes herself as a “Jill of all trades”, but I like to think of her as just born into the bicycle industry. She couldn’t help but be a lover of bicycles since, I believe, her dad at one time had 20+ in their house. I’ve got a bad memory – could have even been more; the guess is probably on the low side.

Not only does she love bicycles, she’s had extensive experience in retail, too. She’s grown to love motorcycles and works with us at a lot of the Perewitz Bike Nights and other distributor events.

I don’t remember being at Kryptonite where I didn’t know Nadine either as someone working at one of our dealers or working side by side with her. She’s got great passion for this industry.

We don't have a photo of Nadine right now as she was on the road when the photos were taken - we'll capture her soon and post one up!

Nadine is now being joined by 2 new ‘top guns’ of their respective industries. Craig Glab is our new Central Regional Manager. What a firecracker! He’s spent just about 20 years in the powersports industry and is in the process of building his own custom motorcycle. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it is ready for Sturgis. He can’t wait to start meeting all our dealers, including the bicycle dealers. When he walked in to our home office for the first time last week he was a little timid about the bicycle side, but by the time he left, he was on his way to pick out a bicycle and wanted to talk to me about racing an allycat. Oh boy….

Craig Glab fits right in here at Kryptonite

Don Shipman is our new Western Regional Manager. He is so dialed into the bicycle scene around northern California it’s just wild. He’s been in the industry for about 25 years, too, and even founded Blazing Saddles, a bicycle rental company in northern Cal. He’s pretty excited to start diving into the powersports piece of our business, too. I think he’ll dazzle them with his shear enthusiasm for all things two-wheeled.

Don Shipman at Kryptonite last week

Although you’ll be hearing from all our reps here soon, I think Don may check in more than most. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say. And, San Francisco, you’ll be seeing him at some of the events with bike valet service – he can’t wait to start showing his passion for all things Kryptonite.

When you see this great team on the road, please feel free to stop them, ask questions, welcome them to the Kryptonite Krew.

*photos by Neil McDaid

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