Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not your average customer

Today we had a little vistor in our backyard. It seemed that a turtle had taken a wrong turn into our driveway and appeared lost so we contacted animal control to help our little friend back to the pond out of harms way. It seems our turtle friend was not lost at all. We learned that turtles go back to where they were hatched to lay eggs so this poor turtle made her way up a steep hill to go lay her eggs on the side of our building. We also learned from animal control that she will lay these eggs and bury them and in 10 days they will hatch and find there way to the pond on their own.
I wonder if she was stopping by to get a Kryptonite lock so nobody will mess with her eggs!
Melissa McPherson

(Photos Eric Anastasia)


Jody Perewitz said...

That is so cool! Turtle's rock!

Ed W said...

Melissa, that's a snapping turtle. Their necks can stretch almost halfway back along their shells, so be extremely careful if you pick one up, and that applies to newly-hatched ones too. They will bite and they do not let go until they've removed a chunk of flesh. Keep kids away from them.