Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ta-Da! Evolution series 4

The brand spankin' new Kryptonite locks have left the warehouse, folks. Actually, they should be to most of our distributors by now so you might start seeing them on your local IBD shelves soon. We are very excited here at Kryptonite. There is just so much new, new, new this spring and summer.

Here's a peek of the Evolution series 4 U-lock with its oval crossbar. Snazzy, eh? I'm expecting a few of them in my office this week. Woo-hoo! I know, it's kind of corny to get excited about a lock, right? But, when you see all the work that goes into developing a product and then you see the finished item, it's kinda cool no matter what the product or widget is. Of course, there is always a big sigh of relief, too, when there is a completed, packaged product in front of you.

Now I just need to get a photo of the product in my office instead of the 'beauty shot' here. I'll work on that.


Richard said...

I've been very happy with my current Evo Mini and Evo LS. I'm not so happy with the LED key design (why does it need to take up so much room on the keychain?). What are the functional differences between the previous and now series 4 lock?

Fritz said...

I love my Evo Mini also -- my favorite bike lock ever. I've never needed the LED feature of the key, but I thought it was kind of cool when I got it.

I have the same question as Richard. What's special about the oval crossbar? It took a lot of squinting to see that you're talking about the cross-section of the crossbar.

Donna T. said...

Hey guys - I'm glad you like the, too. It's one of my favorite locks and the one I have on my own bike...but I just love the chain...don't know why...just do.

Fritz - I'm sorry we made you squint - it's much more noticable 'in person'.

The oval allows us to put in the double deadbolt mechanics, like the New York Lock. So, there is no more bent foot with this lock, both sides of the shackle come away from the crossbar when locking. The cylinder has more discs which = more security.

The oval is an interesting shape, too. Think about an egg...if you squeeze from the sides you get gunk all over your hand, but if you try to break it from the oval, it's very hard. This oval is similar...ok, you won't get gunk on your hand if you squeeze it by the sides, but, if a thief tries to bend or twist...outta luck! The oval means more steel, too, so cutting is out...thieves are going to hate this Bad Larry.

We are so confident that we upped the anti-theft protection offer another $250 to $2,250.

What else can I tell you? Oh, you didn't ask, but since I'm on a roll...the shackle is now 14mm of solid steel...and our special composite steel to boot.

Richard...the LED keys..yup, they are big...I'm with you there. I don't know why they are so big, but I'd guess it is the battery and such in there.

I'll try to get better pictures of it this a matter of fact, I hear the UPS man now...maybe he has my boxes....

Erika said...

donna it seems that on your site the measurements for both evolution series 4 u locks are the same. isn't the LS one longer than the other?

Raiyn said...

Will you make a version of the "lock stuffer" (yellow diagonal crossbar thingy that's scheduled for this summer) for the Evo 4 locks? If so, I'd be happy to buy a couple for my new Series 4 STD's

Donna T. said...

Hey Raiyn - good to see you here! So, you spied our "lock stuffer" thinggamagiggie, huh? We're still working on it, but I do believe it will fit that lock, too. Stay tuned...I'll keep you updated on the blog for sure!

Raiyn said...

Very cool.

(The rest you can delete if you need to)
On a kinda related note: A funny thing happened the other day as I was shopping for my new Evo 4's, one of the shops I went to (who apparently isn't a Kryptonite dealer) had the audacity to tell me that Master Lock was made in the same factory as Kryptonite and by that "logic" they were just as good.
It was all I could do to keep from going off on the guy as I walked out. As you know (yes I'm THAT Raiyn from BikeForums) I've had plenty of experience with Master Lock and their crap-tastic customer service (
and I've also had the pleasure of dealing with Kryptonite / Ingersoll Rand customer service in the first days of the BiC debacle which I again, have to mention was one of the best experiences I've had with a corporation. Even before Kryptonite really knew what was going on or had a plan of action they were forthright and direct in dealing with the issue, and never failed to give me up to the moment information.
(I think this is where your role as Internet Lock Diva came into play) It's for this reason, as well as the fact that your nicer locks just plain kick butt that I support and recommend Kryptonite locks above all others.

Donna T. said...

I thought you were "that" Raiyn! A warm welcome to you-I'm glad you've found our little blog.

We all enjoyed the thread you mentioned, too. We followed that closely...and, we are, truly, very happy that we could help out and that you've stayed a customer. It means a lot to us.

BTW, not print something that calls me an "Internet Lock Diva"? Not a chance! I love it. Makes me giggle.

Anonymous said...

Totally love the Evo 4 LS, however, totally hate the attachment bracket (it is like the wrong size bracket was added to the package). Ended up attaching lock to my over-the-back-wheel rack with 2 pieces of velcro which works just fine for me. I have a GREAT lock and now that I tossed out the mounting bracket, way less hassle. BarbG

Raiyn said...

Yeah, I've gotta say I wasn't thrilled with the brackets on either of my new locks either (cable and EV4), they just seemed to be unnecessarily tight. Truthfully, I had no real intentions of using them in the first place, as I carry my stuff in a messenger bag, but the fact that they're just way too tight cinched it.