Wednesday, February 27, 2008

IceBike - Day 2 with video

Two days down and one to go of iceBike. Madison really puts on a great event. Dealers and suppliers alike are well taken care of throughout the week. I've just had a look at some of the photos I took, which mostly turned out awful. What's up with that? So...none to share tonight, I'm afraid. I'll run around and picture take tomorrow.

But, here are a few things I've picked up at the show...
- Dealers here like our armoured cable more than I expected. I don't remember much of a fuss about it at all last year. Good deal!
- I'm getting an education on the size of the sidewalks - or lack thereof - in English villages.
- Jet lag is getting to all of us from the US. That should be no surprise.
- Apparently, I sleep through earthquakes. Didn't register with me at was one of the few times I was asleep last night. of all, I got to see some friends, again, today. Chipps was back for Day 2 and Mike Davis of came to visit. And, of course, my fellow Spokesman, Carlton Reid stopped by for a bit of an exclusive....had I known he was going to do a funky video, I would have brushed up on my mambo...or salsa...or whatever I'd need with this fun music. Check it out.

That's it from here today. Didn't sleep much last night so I'm a little pooped. Off to bed. Yes, I know it is only 8:30p - but I'm trying to fend off the cold/flu that has, apparently, ripped through our office, including Don, who is here with me. Yikes!

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Carlton Reid said...

Hey, great to see you again, Donna. Keep drinking the orange juice and popping the VC pills... I love the prototype thingie. How about an online competition for a name? Good Bone!? JackSh!T? Blocka?