Monday, January 07, 2008

Videos to Start The Week

Hope you all had a great weekend. I'm just getting fired up for the first full week I've had since...what...mid-December? It's gonna be a long one so I thought I'd start off the week with two cool videos. One for the bicycle enthusiast and one for you motorcycle fans.

The first is from New Year's Eve in Las Vegas. If you didn't hear, Australian Robbie Maddison broke the world record for the longest jump on a motorcycle. He went over 322 feet and seriously landed that bike. No wobble, nothing. Did he go celebrate right after? No, he does it again! Both jumps are on the video, it is fantastic to watch.

The second is from our friends at Bicycle Retailer & Industry News this morning. Here's a link to the newest Lance Armstrong commercial. I haven't seen it on television yet, but it's pretty funny. Yes, Lance being funny - I was a little surprised, too. But, it's worth the 35 seconds to watch "the warrior" in action.


Kk said...

Has an acting coach joined the entourage...? Thanks for the vids Donna. Enjoy the sunshine. I think you're actually warmer than the west today!

Judith Aames said...

Donna, I actually saw the commercial during one of the bowl game broadcasts. Yes, it is funny.

Happy New Year!!!