Thursday, January 10, 2008

Join Kryptonite on Facebook!

I love Facebook. I never thought I'd say that. I was invited a couple of times and thought, "I don't have time for something else." Heck, I couldn't keep up with my own blog how could I keep up with something else?

Then a good friend, an Air Force pilot, who was stationed in Korea sent me an invite. I couldn't pass it up - after all, he stinks at email and I'd like to know what's going on in his world. When I joined, I thought I'd just have a static page just to keep up with him periodically. But, then I found another friend and thought, "ok, I'll add her" and before I knew it, I was hooked. Completely hooked. I love it!

I've kept it away from work, it's just for my closest friends (not that you all aren't, but you know...) and my young cousins - seriously, it's the only way they communicate, I think.

Anyway, since I'm hooked, and since there are a lot of bicycle lovers on Facebook, I thought I'd start a Kryptonite group. I wanted it to be all fancy-schmancy like some of the other companies in there, but if I wait for that, it will be next year or something. Why wait?! Today seemed like a very good day.

So...go to your Facebook account and search for "Kryptonite Locks". We should come right up in the groups. JOIN US!!! Leave a message on the wall. Post a photo of your Kryptonite lock.

There will be changes to the group - I'm planning on adding some fancy-schmancy things there - cool graphics and contests. So visit it often!

See you there!


Kk said...

Donna, your post reminds me of a little dinner party I had 'way back' in 1999. One of the couples were a little younger than the rest of us and had been born at the leading edge of GenX. The woman had begun her artistic life immersed in computer graphics and both already enjoyed an active online social life in chat rooms and on message boards. Her urging got me to try instant messaging.

They were saying that one day soon it would be hard to find things we couldn't do on the computer and harder to find things we could do without it.

At one point the man motioned to my little pc which was off at the time and said "Do you know that there are some people who never turn that thing off?"

I couldn't imagine then how anyone could find so much to do on that little box!

Now I turn it on on my way to the shower so emails will be smiling at me when I dry off and it stays on all day.

I've said I'd never be on myspace, or facebook or have time for a blog...

Now I'm pretty much doing it all, have a handful of email addresses and a headful of passwords. Resistance is futile!

One day computers will come with a transporter attachment so we can step onto a small platform and zap ourselves (and our bikes) wherever we want to go!

Of course we'll have to send our bike through first with the latest Kryptonite protection device so no one takes it until we re-materialize after.

See you on Facebook Donna! (and the thing after that, and the thing after that...)

Donna T. said...

KK - thanks for sharing your story, too! And, I can't wait for the trasporter to come out. I've been waiting ever since I watched Star Trek as a kid. I'm not a Trekkie, but that was THE coolest thing and I've never forgotten, "Beam me up, Scotty". Just think - we could beam to a mid point in the country, have some tea, chat awhile and beam back. Ah....the possibilities.

Kk said...

Tea in Topeka! Sounds lovely. Of course with a transporter we could have tea in, say, Bhutan...