Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Locking up our boards

by Jody Perewitz

Kory, Jeff, and I have gone snowboarding for the past 2 weekends. Last weekend we went to North Conway, NH to Cranmore and this past weekend we went to Wachusett. At both mountains I did not see one lock!

I have to say I have only used my lock a couple of times. Mainly because we don’t leave our boards often and my board has the serial number 0001 on it so I don’t think it would be worth stealing!

This year though I have upgraded to a, new to me, used board. Kory gave me his old board because he got not one, but two new boards this year. One for the parks and one for the whole mountain. So all together he has about $1500 worth of boards and bindings. If they got stolen we definitely wouldn’t be able to replace them so we want to do everything we can to prevent them from being stolen.

This past weekend we decided to go into the lodge for some beer and nachos while we watched the end of the Patriots game. So you bet we locked our boards up and headed in.

When we finally left there were a lot of boards and skis still on the rack but, once again, not one locked up! I would love to know statistic on stolen boards. They cost so much money to buy and could be so easy to steal. I guess there is a lot of trust on a mountain because if you think about it people locking up bicycles that aren’t worth as much as a board seems silly.

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