Monday, January 28, 2008

I Spy....

At the end of last week we had a full team meeting where most of the guys who work out of the office were in. It was like old home week - and lots of fun.

Since you hear about the gang here often, I thought I'd snap a few pictures and post them. I'll preface this with saying that none were too happy about my being a shutterbug, but's all in good fun.

Don Shipman and Craig Glab came in and went right to work in the cube across from me.

Gustavo and Roger saw each other for the first time in 5 years! How is that possible? Roger is our Director of Sales for our residential & commercial sales based here in New England. Gustavo was head of action sport sales in Europe until the end of the year. He's now in the States again, working to develop some different areas for us. We have a new, fantastic guy, Paul, in Europe. You'll be meeting him here soon....

I tried to sneak up on Neil McDaid and Craig, thinking they were working hard. Turns out Neil was practicing for the Kryptonite beauty pageant and Craig was giving him pointers. Hmmm...maybe one pointer would have been to decide which NASCAR driver he's going to be a fan of...he's a little confused (Stewart or Montoya?). But, as an aside, congrats to Juan Pablo Montoya for his win in the Rolex 24 Hour this weekend!

Sandy, Donna, Joe, Eric and the jokesters gather for a meeting. Let me just tell you, if the jokesters on the right are ever in a meeting you are conducting...beware...heckling will ensue. But, it's all in good fun.
It was good to have the gang in the office. It was kind of festive and fun. Come back again soon, gang.

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