Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Other ways I use my Kryptonite locks!

by Nicole Hoffman

A few weeks ago Gregg and I headed up to the Ocala National Forest for some off-road riding. I figured not only would this be a lot of fun, but it would keep me in riding shape as well! I used to ride dirt bikes in high school with friends but it has been years. I seemed to have forgotten how to ride a dirt bike with all of the road racing I have done. I kept sticking my knee out in the turns and it took me a while to stop doing that. I was laughing each time I did that. Habits are hard to break, you know!

I ride a Honda CRF150…kind of small but it is the perfect bike for me to get back into it. It has electric start…sure beats kick starting the thing each time I fell (which was 3 times). Sorry we don’t have any photos of that.

We spent the day up there on the newly designated trails. If anyone plans to go, make sure you follow the rules! They are very strict there and WILL give you a ticket for riding on the numbered roads….we know. So many roads can be mistaken for trails, especially the first time (they even admit it on their sign but will issue a citation). They mark the trails but not very well. The rules and fees are new as of October 1, 2007.

In the midst of taking a break we were playing around with the Kryptonite locks…why in the middle of the forest you might ask? There were a lot of people at the campground where we parked. I suppose it wouldn’t be too difficult to walk away with a dirt bike and then take off in the middle of the woods.

We use the Kryptonite HardWire™ 2025 Key Cable lock on the trailer around the tires even when it’s parked in the driveway for added safety, and that is what you see in the photo.
If you go to Ocala, have a great time…it is a great place to ride. But look out for the bears, we saw 3 of them!

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