Thursday, January 17, 2008

And the winner is.....

Every once in awhile it's fun to check behind the scenes of the blog and see some of the stats. It's fun for me to see that people are reading in Korea, Japan, France, Australia and all of the other places that I see in our results. Hello one and all! We are glad you've found us and I, personally, hope you find reasons to keep coming back.

Today I was curious not about where people were visiting from, but why. Give the people what they want, right? If there was a clear winner, well, I'd try to write more about that subject. So...what was the winning search that landed on our blog (in the last month)?

Drum roll please....

Jody Perewitz!

I did say "give the people what they want" right? Well, we are ahead of you on this one, thankfully. You will be seeing a lot more with Jody and Kryptonite soon. Until then, you can always catch up with her on the Plog.

Some folks who have been clicking here have been disappointed, I know. They are coming to find out how to say "hello in Korean". Yikes! Sorry...I don't have a clue. But Google languages says it's 안녕하십니까. Because I'm not sure those characters will show up on all browsers, you can go here and see it. Hope that helps.

People are also searching in droves about the Evolution series oval, New York Mini, Jeff Clark motorcycles, Tony Hawk and Wonder Woman Lock.

I'm just fascinated by all of this info. But, I'll stop now....for those of you who aren't as interested. But, if you want more Jody, stay tuned...or head over to the Plog - she's just posted about a snowboarding trip she took last weekend.

Jody - you're a "stah"!


J. Perewitz said...

No Sah!!!! That is so cool! I am honored that people read about me, click on my post, or have an interest! That is so cool! I am going to write about it on my blog! Thanks Donna!! That is really cool!

Fritz said...

Way to go for J.P.!

"Kirstin Gum" has consistently been in my top 10 for the past 18 months or so.