Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My first experience with mountain biking

by John Joy, Kryptonite Engineer

Back in India I used my bike for transportation only. Getting from point A to point B. But this was something totally different.

Neil and I went to the Blue Hills on Friday after work. I thought it would be soft trails, maybe some mud. Something easy to do. Not rocks. The first bit, there was a clean road – I thought it would be easy and it was. That was the beginning. After that we went up a trail, that was easy, too.

Neil then asked if I was comfortable and I said, ‘yes’ and he took me to a steep, steep trail! I got launched twice! Gravity took over. One time, when I got launched, Neil was at the bottom waiting to see the fun. But, I didn’t really get banged up.

We cycled for more than an hour and it was fun! I loved it! Now I need to get my full gear. I didn’t have all the right gear so my feet were slipping a little bit, but it was a good experience. A good start.
*photo by Neil McDaid

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