Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We're all set up

So...Interbike set up day is behind us...we are ready to go. Or as ready as we will ever be.

Today was a day for all the little things to go wrong - although not many did for us. A shelf missing a peg here....a hook missing there...minor stuff really. The one missing piece is our Masi bike, but that's coming in the morning. I'm super pumped about that. I guess it's been getting a lot of attention out at Dirt Demo - the belle of the ball. Congrats to Masiguy!
Among all the craziness it was a time to see some dear old friends that we don't see often enough. I saw Eric from Park Tool (as he was on his way to take one of their guys to the hospital for stitches after Dirt Demo- eek), Tripp from Thule, Eric from Pedro's and Chris Fallon from Earth, Wind & Rider. All friends from way back that I don't see often enough.
Rich Kelly ran by the booth and actually stopped to say 'hey'. It was great of him to stop for a couple of minutes in his busy day. I can only imagine how busy he really is during this show. Thanks for stopping in, Rich.
Bob Roll's here...haven't seen him or talked to him, but did a mean game of phone tag with him today. We'll see him at the booth tomorrow.
Tomorrow's the day. So many folks that I can't wait to see!
Here are some photos from set up day.

Ok, it's fuzzy, but this gives you an idea of what the spaces between the booths look like the day before the show...all crates as far as you can see.
The view from the top of our booth. Doesn't look like there is room for any customers does it? There will be by tomorrow - all the ladders, boxes and assorted stuff will be outta there.
We're all glad that Chris Fallon stopped by to say 'hello'.

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