Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kryptonite at NASCAR

Yes, I'm a huge NASCAR fan. Have been my whole life. That's not a surprise to anyone who knows me or anyone who reads this blog. However, Kryptonite's connection to NASCAR is a little more subtle.

I was up at the New Hampshire International Speedway this weekend for the race. Uniquely, people that go to this race bring their little red wagons with them to haul things from their parking spaces to the track. They decorate them, too.

Obviously, they can't take the wagons in with them so they lock them to the fence so they are there when they come back. They do this throughout the weekend, but race day is complete craziness. There isn't a spot on the fence to be had.

What keeps those wagons safe and sound? For the most guessed it....Kryptonite! I had a nice little grin on my face when I saw these.

Safe and secure!

This was on should hae seen this fence on Sunday, race day. Wow!

This is an old hardware cable....

And, look, the newest lock from Schlage, which is another brand of our parent company. Cool, huh?

Now, as every NASCAR fan is doing....I'm off to watch the Dale Jr announcement about the new sponsor and car number...rumor has it he'll be in a car with the 88 number, but we'll see....

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