Wednesday, September 19, 2007

# 88, Pepsi/National Guard and Dale Jr

Dale Jr. signs autographs at NHIS this past weekend. He will not be with the same sponsor next year.

As I just mentioned, I was listening to the announcement of Dale Earnhardt Junior's announcement. So was Don, by the way...we were like small children, actually....we listened intently for the new number (which we heard rumors about this past weekend at NHIS) and the new sponsors.

So, the cat is finally out of the bag for all NASCAR fans (including many of us here).

Dale Earnhardt Junior will be in the #88 Chevy next year. They will partner with Pepsi (Amp and Mountain Dew) and the National Guard. Seems like a good fit to us. Junior says that this is a "perfect fit". But, it will be a mouthful in victory lane to say "Mountain Dew, Amp Energy, National Guard Chevy". And, we're all sure he will be saying that in victory lane....

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