Monday, September 24, 2007

Vegas/Interbike Here We Come!

Well, part of the crew is already out there at a meeting...seriously...that's their party line and they're sticking to it anyway.

The rest of us arrive tonight and tomorrow. We're all there for the Interbike trade show. Bob Roll's given his pre-event take on it and I have to say it isn't too far off my opinions. But, I'm very excited to see all the great people that I only get to see once a year. There are too many to name here, I'd miss someone and feel terrible about it. Just suffice to say, I'm glad to see all these folks!

I'll try to blog from the show, but I won't be as good about it as Fritz will, or any number of the other bloggers going. Tim Grahl, he'll be all over the show. And so many more. Me? I'll be hanging in my booth for the most part, except for The Spokesmen live podcast on Wednesday. Yikes - live! But, that may give me a unique perspective to the show - most bloggers get to walk the show and see all kinds of cool things. I will let you know what I see from the inside of a booth out. Could be booorrrring to y'all....but could be interesting. We'll just have to wait and see.

If you are a dealer and headed to the show come by and see us! We're in the same place as always (I don't know if I could find my way somewhere else at this point!) - booth 3319. All of our new regional managers will be there to abuse...I mean meet and talk with. :)

One thing that I know won't be boring to write about.......Bob Roll will be with us on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 10-11am with FREE COFFEE. You know you need it to give you a little boost after one of those looong Vegas nights.

We are also giving away a chance to ride with Bob Roll to a lucky dealer. We'll bring Bob to you. Yes, we will. It's a great promo for your store. Bob will come ride with you and some of your friends and then hang out at the store and have a little coffee and chat with your customers.

So...Feel Free to Stop at the Kryptonite booth, say 'hey', chat with Bob, get some coffee and enter the drawing.

See you there!


Fritz said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you there, Donna.

How hard would it be to get Bobke to say something embarrassing on camera?

Donna T. said...

LOL - embarrassing for you or for him? :)

See you there. Woo-hoo!