Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who “We” Are

Now that ‘we’ are here, just who is ‘we’? Well, the main voice of this blog is me, Donna. Many of you have seen me around the blogosphere for awhile now – jumping in conversations here and there. Some of you have even found my personal blog and followed along its infrequent evolution. You can also listen to me on The Spokesmen Podcast sometimes and as a contributor to the Kool-Aid Krew (although I haven’t posted there in way too long – the rest of the Krew has been keeping that going quite nicely). So, that’s me.

You will also hear from Dwight. He’s our GM and quite an athlete in his own right. He’s been playing basketball since he was a kid and the way he talks about it, I don’t think it’s for fun – it’s serious with him. He’s been on a bike quite a bit, too. Shhh…don’t tell him I told you, but he’s training for triathlon. He’ll pop in here from time to time, too.

If I can coax her gently and often enough (ie, become a pest!), Karen may join us, too. She’s my boss, been in the cycling industry for quite awhile and is all for this blog. She’ll be shy at first, but I think we’ll get her here eventually.

We may be able to get some of the folks on the road to check in from time to time, too. Even if they don’t write their own post, they may comment back to you, if they are more appropriate to answer a question.

It’s an evolution, as every blog is. We’ll find our way and we’re glad you’re here for the journey.


Dwight said...


I appreciate the gentle reminder to join in the conversation. Everyone will quickly realize who the real "boss" is at Kryptonite.

I am very excited about our new blog. The Kryptonite team is a very passionate group. We are comprised of individuals who actively use the products we make and as such hold them to a very high standard. I am eager to hear from the broader community on a variety of topics - cool products, interesting new product and service ideas, cool trails to ride, cool events, good training tips, etc. I am all ears.

Donna thanks again for all the hard work in making this blog a reality.

John DemonCats said...

Hiya Donna!

Good to see you on here too! And to anybody reading this, let it be known: Donna and KRYPTONITE are DA BOMB!!! Donna is the nicest person ever! She hangs with Bobke! She supports the DemonCats! She's a mover and a shaker and we dig her!

And Kryptonite, well they stand by their prod and correct what's not right! How cool is that?!?!?

Donna T. said...

Thanks, Dwight. I look forward to your participation, too.

John - you are just too kind. Thank you. I dig you guys, too. ;)

Guillaume du Gardier said...

Authenticity, transparency, well, what a nice start for this blog ! Welcome Donna in the corporate blogging world, wish you all the best here.

Eric Kintz said...

Congrats Donna, welcome to the (corporate) blog world!!

Donna T. said...

Eric and Guillaume - Thanks for the welcome. We very much appreciate it!