Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Passionate. Fanatical. Driven. Free?

As we’ve mentioned, we are a passionate bunch. We are passionate about lots of things – cycling, motocross, custom motorcycles, skiing, rally, F1, hockey and, of course, our common bond is our passion for security. We wouldn’t all be in this building if we didn’t care how secure your stuff is. Just so you know, we all use our products, too, so they need to be tough. Seriously, do you think our engineers want to see me in tears some day because my bicycle was stolen? I don’t think so. We are a little nuts on security. Fanatical even. Driven, definitely.

So where does ‘free’ come in? We want you to be free to do everything you like to do – no matter what it is, without worry. In the next few months we are going to be relaunching our brand. We’ll have a completely different look and feel, starting with our website next week (!). But also our promotions and the way we do things will change, too (hello, blog!). We’re taking some risks, but we’re excited. We hope you like the direction we are going in. Other than the website, New Yorkers, you’ll be seeing some of this first – I’ll let you know when.

Don’t get me wrong. We are still passionate about being tough, being the best, frustrating thieves, but you know that already. We want all that we do to be more about YOU, not us.

After all, YOU are Time Magazine’s person of the year.


Fritz said...

Looking forward to seeing what happens, Donna. Your locks sell themselves, I think, but I guess you still need to keep getting the word out. Thanks for the link love in your blogroll!

Anonymous said...

What, no rock climbing? Not that we needed a right wing freakshow to tell us we're important to you... ;-)

Donna T. said...

Fritz - thanks for the post, too.

Crowlie - you never know, we might talk about some climbing yet as we have a climber in our midst. For such a small group we have a wide variety of interests. You never know what you'll get here. :)

Anonymous said...

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