Thursday, April 12, 2007

Behind the Scenes

A blog is not the work of just one person and this one certainly isn't and won't be. If it is a company blog ideas for posts come not only from the author, but from customers, associates, co-workers, colleagues and issues in the marketplace, too. If it is a personal blog ideas can come from conversations with friends and family and just about anywhere else, too.

As I mentioned, as we evolve this blog more people from here will chime in and I expect that all of you will have quite a few things to contribute, too. I'm counting on both those things, actually.

But, there are also the contributions that happened behind the scenes that got this blog started. Support from 'the top', of course. Not only the director of marketing here, but also our GM and the head of corporate communications for our parent company. They are all very supportive and, to be honest, this blog wouldn't be here without that support.

Then there is the creative. Do you think that I created the banner at the top of the page? I'm lucky I can draw stick figures, even on the computer. Our graphic designer did that and I think it's kind of cool. He also created the little lock icons at the start of each post. That, to me anyway, is a nice touch.

And, a big thank you goes out to photographer Kevin Dillard who not only provided some photos for our new brand website (live next week!), but he also took the photo to the right especially for us a week or so ago at a messenger event in Richmond, Virginia. How nice is that? We certainly appreciate that and it is the perfect compliment to the design of this blog.

Thank you one and all. I think this is going to be a great adventure for our brand.


Carlton said...


It's good to see another industry blog. I was in a publishing meeting today where I was asked why I used so many American commentators in BikeBiz mag. I said it was all down to the blog culture. By and large, Brit companies have not yet caught on.

And, of course, it's newsworthy considering Kryptonite's, er, baptism of fire when it comes to blogs, although I still maintain that the biro thing was forum and news website driven, rather than beingt an early 'success' for the power of the blogosphere.

Now, must go an write a news story about today's launch...

T-Guy J said...


Welcome back to the blog-o-sphere, it is good to see you writing again, along with your Kryptonite cohorts.

I am excited to see the launch of the news site.

T-Guy J

Donna T. said...

Carlton - thank you, as always, for your support. Interesting comment about the British companies not being as up on blogging since the UK has been so far ahead of the US in texting. Different technologies catch on at different rates, I guess.

By the way, think I could use the "firestorm maven" title on my business cards?

t-guy j - I'm so glad you found us! We appreciate the welcome. Please do come back often.

Carlton said...

Go for it, Donna!