Monday, April 30, 2007

A Walking Weekend

Unlike my fellow Kryptoniters Roby and Nadine, I'm not a huge rider. I do have a bike that I love and I do get out in the summer, but not for the long rides like Roby. More of a casual cyclist. When I ride I like to look at the houses I'm passing, or the flowers in the yards. Casual.

However, I do walk a lot, especially in the three seasons that are reasonable for that here in New England. I admit to being a winter woosie and choose the treadmill then. But, this past Saturday there wasn't a need for the treadmill.

I headed down to Hyannis with Jody Perewitz, some of her family and three of their dogs for the MS Challenge Walk. The National MS Society had multiple walks going on in Massachusetts that day, which turned out to be a perfect walking day. The sun was peeking through the clouds, the temps were in the high 50s, and there really wasn't a breeze until we got to Craigville Beach, which we expected. Even then it was just a little breeze, not a gusting wind.

92 people walked 6.2 miles and collectively we raised $25,000 to help end this terrible disease. It's one that has hit close to home for me; my cousin has lived with it for over 30 years now and I have two other good friends who also live with it. Although 6.2 miles wasn't difficult for me, they were truly my inspiration for getting out and doing the walk. I'm glad I did. Not only did we help with a great cause, but we also had a fun time chatting and playing with the dogs all along the route.

Hope you all had as great a weekend with your friends!


Fritz said...

Donna, I think casual, smell-the-flowers cycling is the best kind!

Donna T. said...

Thanks, Fritz! It might actually be time to get my bike out this weekend. We are into May now and I've only seen it snow here in New England once in May....woo-hoo!