Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tour de lite

The reason for this ride was because last night, after dinner, I came across my favorite Girl Scout cookies, which are the carmel delights. Upon eating a row and a half, I took a glace at the caloric information that they so kindly provided for me. I found out that each cookie was 140 calories. I didn't care to look at the fat content.

When I saw this I knew a dawn patrol ride was necessary.

Out the door 5:45am for my local loop. Backroads down to Duxbury beach and the bridge (see above photo) and then around the corner to see the below picture. The ride was a little chilly today. Needed to wear heavy tights and jacket.

The ride was nice. Roads a little wet. Nothing major. Great ride. Too early for too many people to be out so people watching was less than the other day. My greatest fear on the roads this early is being hit by someone who hasn't had their Dunkin' Donuts coffee yet.

Mileage clocked in at 18. Muscles were sore from the last ride. Got a little ahead of myself the other day. When I got home from work I felt so good that I went for a night ride, too. Same loop. Needless to say, I cooked my legs and today's ride was much slower.

Roby Holland


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

You have no idea how jealous I am of that ride...

If you left even earlier, you'd have time to pack down to the water with a fly rod and see what you could entice out of the water. Donna HAS got to find a way for me to get out there; Donna?

Great post and pics.

Donna T. said...

Tim - you are welcome here any time! And I know Roby would be more than happy to take you fishing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim - I passed two of my buddies on the ride who were coming from fishing. No luck.

Strippers haven't fully arrived yet. Waiting to try out a new deciever that I tied. Get out here in the next two months, the fishing will be on fire!


Anonymous said...


The early A.M. ride was a little chilly you say?

Sounds like you could use a really nice wool cyling jersey.

Give me a shout I'll hook you up.