Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Watch Out For That Bike Lock

Here at Kryptonite we've been picking up on an unsettling trend lately. Be aware and beware! It seems that in some cities enterprising bike thieves have been targeting bikes that can be easily broken, putting their own lock on the bike and leaving for later pick up. When they return what does the passerby see? Nothing out of the ordinary - a guy unlocking a bike with a key and riding away. Don't get me wrong, even a lightweight, flimsy lock can serve a good purpose, but when you need to make sure your bike isn't stolen, don't risk becoming a target like this. Make sure your lock is strong enough to do the job all day, or all night, until you return.


Baloney Sammitch said...

Thanks for spreading the word, I quoted you here: New Bike Theft Tactic

Cops here in Eugene are all too happy to crack down on this kind of tactic.

Anonymous said...

Huh, what are "bikes that are easily broken" and how does a good lock stop a bicycle from being broken?