Friday, February 20, 2009

Let the Good Deeds Roll!

Our congrats to Providence, RI based Recycle-A-Bike, for a successful Roller Race benefit which attracted riders from all walks of life last week. Although the Friday the 13th date was a coincidence, you can see from the pictures that some of the roller-racers looked pretty scarey after they finished their turn! The prospect of winning a Kryptonite lock and raising money for such a good cause transformed them into monster riders...>> Check out the pictures.

So much for my bad are a few words about the event from our friend Maggie who coordinated, along with other tireless volunteers...
Bike riders and advocates, messengers and occasional riders, men and women of all ages converged on the night of Friday the 13th for Providence's first Roller Races, a benefit for Recycle-a-Bike. With upwards of a hundred people cheering, each racer chose his or her opponent and faced off for a 500m sprint, lasting at best 22 seconds. 42 racers, one broken bike, and multiple raffles later, top times in women's and men's raced for the finals. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our community bike collective, thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors, and thanks to all the volunteers who helped make Recycle-a-Bike the true winner of the evening! If you missed this one, don't worry; there will be more in the future. If you'd like to help make this happen, Recycle-a-Bike is always in need of new volunteers. Stay tuned; spring is coming.

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