Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A New Meaning for the Phrase Cycle Track

I'm a little behind schedule with posts, as you can see. Just returned from the 2009 Power Sport Dealer Expo in Indianapolis. While it seemed that attendance was a little lighter than in recent years, the people who were there were definitely interested in doing business. The power sport dealers we talked to are trying to focus on the 92% of the people who are still employed rather than the 8% who are not - what a refreshing perspective compared to the gloom and doom too frequently presented by the media!

So, here's a belated tidbit found by Eric Anastasia, National Sales Manager, on a recent trip to Portland, OR... I was out on the Left coast in Portland Oregon last week visiting one of our distributors Cyclone Bicycle Supply. While I was there I picked up the local newspaper (Portland Tribune) to read over breakfast and I came across an interesting article about how they are enhancing their bike paths in the city. The project that they spoke about was appealing because instead of putting in bike lanes they were putting in a raised platform. It seems pretty smart because the ‘cycle track’ as they call it will be on its own level and the cars will be one level lower. Then one level higher than the ‘cycle track” will be the sidewalks that will be separated by planters. Take a look at the image that I scanned from the article and if you want to read for yourself here is the link.
Before signing out, I'd like to congratulate Eric and his wife Cheryl on the birth of their first son and newest Team Kryptonite member yesterday morning! Eric had just arrived home from the trade show when they turned around and left for the hospital. Talk about amazing timing...

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