Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Deer Cycles to End Hunger

Yes, these are tough times...enough said about that. But, there are still many people in our company (Ingersoll Rand) and elsewhere looking for ways to make the lives of others easier. I am humbled by those people. One I'll mention today is a new friend, Trish Karter, founder of Dancing Deer Bakery, soon to embark on a 1500 bike ride from Atlanta to Boston, to raise attention to, and financial support for, feeding hungry families. She doens't need to put her body out there, just her celebrity. But, she wouldn't be satisfied with that. Follow her on twitter to learn about her progress and give her moral support.


Kuan said...

So where is Kryptonite on Twitter?

You better be up on the news so you can avoid the bic pen debacle should something similiar happen this time.

Karen R said...

Kuan, you're right about staying plugged into social media. You can find me representing Kryptonite on twitter as @karenrizzo. We're also on other social media sites now. We're happy to report that there are many more supportive good people than negative people there.

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a cool thing Trish is doing. Do you have her Twitter @ so we can find and follow her?

Kuan - Karen does a great job on Twitter for Kryptonite and I'm Tweeting for the parent company and watching what is going on there.


Karen R said...

You can follow @dancingdeer or @chiefdeer to learn more about Trish's progress.