Friday, March 13, 2009

Run Naked

by Roby Holland, National Sales Manager, Commercial

Last night I got home from work and took off for a run. There was just enough daylight to get in my loop that brings me down to a lake where I usually find some people fishing or hanging out with their dogs. This run was different, there was an unusual flow to it and as I continued along the way digesting and dissecting the day's work, it hit me. I was running naked! Not literally, but in my rush to get out the door I did not have my heart monitor or my I-pod with me. This run was different, my breathing was more consistent and my pace more even and I was able to hear my body again. I know that sounds quirky but before there were I-pods, heart rate monitors and GPS devices we ran naked in a sense. I think most of these devices serve a good purpose, but GPS? I'll save that for a later post. The reason I think the run went so smoothly is because I was unplugged and I was running to my own internal beat and not the Black Eye Peas or Red Hot Chili Peppers. I forgot what that felt like and at the end of the run I turned in my best time for this short loop. Too deep a thought to go any further with this at this time of the morning. Well enjoy whatever you are doing and once every so often try it naked.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

I rarely run, but when I do, Ive done so with i-pod, and without. I can see the difference now that you mention it. I actually find it more peaceful without. You get in the zone. Good post, and way to get peoples attention running nekid and all!

Anonymous said...

Mark, I thought I would be recieving posts, "like thank the gods you weren't naked" or "if you are running naked I'd then know the world is truly coming to an end." We'll see if my theory is holds true. I'm going to listen to some music with a smoother tempo and not as agressive to see if it changes the way I feel during a run. Thanks for posting and safe riding....the season is upon us.
Cheers Roby