Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Today's the day in the United States that they call "Super Tuesday". Although some states have held caucuses and others have had their presidential primary, the majority of the states have their primary today.

I can not stress enough the importance of voting today. I'm not going to tell you who I voted for or who I think you should vote for. To me, politics and religion are personal things - everyone has the issues that are important to them and should vote that way.

We know the issue closest to Lance Armstrong's heart - he's even had an ad created....

I chose to show this ad because it's not endorsing one candidate or another. It's just showing what is important to Lance and may give an indication of how he's voting, but the message is clear - VOTE. Whomever you vote for, just let your voice be heard.

This is not a "duty", it's a right. We all have it here in the US and we should take the right seriously. It's not hard to do. Watch a debate, go to a few websites, choose a candidate that has the most in common with your issues, get to your polling location and vote.

I voted this morning and it couldn't have been a more pleasant experience. It was raining here in Massachusetts (but you won't melt, trust me!) but I made my way to the senior center in town. The ladies that greeted me were a hoot! The man who took my ballot thought he was a comedian (he was kind of funny) and poof, I was done! It took me no more than 10 minutes. Seriously. 10 minutes to have my voice heard.

You may think you don't have that 10 or 15 or even 20 minutes, if there is a line. But, I'll bet you will have that amount of time to complain when your candidate doesn't do well....c'mon, you know the saying, "if you don't vote, don't complain later".

Go. Vote.

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gwadzilla said...

I voted in my primary
I have hope