Thursday, February 07, 2008

Women's Riding Essentials Class

I think I promised to tell y'all this yesterday, but we are getting ready for a trade show and it's hectic here. Sorry for the delay.

We are really happy to announce Kryptonite's "Riding Essentials for Women" class. That's right. We know you ladies are out there. We know you are either thinking about buying your first motorcycle/getting your mc license or you have just purchased a motorcycle. You've got a few questions to get you going, but the only way to learn is to ask 'the guys'. Hmmm...sometimes that's intimidating, right? We've got the solution!

Nicole Hoffman and Jody Perewitz will be leading four 1-2 hour "Riding Essentials for Women" classes at select shops around the country. Gee, guess where the first one will be? C' know the answer to this one....yup, right at Perewitz Cycle Fab in June. We'll keep you posted here as to the date.

It's a FREE class for women to come out and learn from two ladies who are not only great riders, but are a wealth of information. They bring some serious talents to the table - safety tips, simple maintenance, info about riding gear you might need, resources available (online and at tracks) and, of course how to keep your ride safe and secure.

So, if you are a gal who wants to get more into riding, stay tuned....these ladies will not only share their experiences and tips, but they'll answer your questions, too. Any question you have about their backgrounds, Nicole's racing, Jody's building of motorcycles, or how to get on a bike for the first time - they'll answer them all.

We want to bring more women into shops and help put more women on motorcycles. It's not just about creating a pink product (no, no pink locks coming), it's about assisting women in this fun adventure.

Now, just to be fair, I was totally scooped on our own news. Thanks to Marilyn at Ironworks Magazine and Genevieve at for supporting our efforts! And, I believe Ms. Jody scooped me, too, just now.

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J. Perewitz said...

You have been triple scooped with chocolate chip ice cream!