Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Northeast Motorcycle Expo

The Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Boston this past weekend was PACKED. Let me say that again...PACKED! It was so packed on Sunday, the second and last day of the show, that they extended the show by an hour.

Team Kryptonite was well represented in the Perewitz Cycle Fab booth. Obviously, the master of ceremonies, Dave, was busy, busy, busy both days. This is, after all, their home show and just about everyone "knows" Dave. And a good few were wearing Perewitz shirts and hats.

Dave signing autographs

But, there were other motorcycle builders there, including Billy Lane. Here's the chopper in his booth...

The newest Team Kryptonite member, Jody Perewitz, was working to put a motorcycle together with Sara Liberte during the show. As the "Garage Girls" they are putting together a motorcycle at each of the Northeast Motorcycle Expo stops (same bike, torn down and put back together). They do it in less than 2 days! You can win the motorcycle, too. Just buy a $10 ticket, with the money going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Good cause, sweet bike! I bought a couple of tickets. We'll see...

New Garage Girls merchandise

Jody, working hard

Sarah, doing her part!

I spied Jody giving Pete an autograph

Whenever you go to these shows you see budding celebrities, like Jody and Sarah, but you also see the tried and true celebs, too. Here are both Susan Perewitz (l) and Barb Borowiec, owner of Barb's Harley Davidson in NJ. It was a treat to see Barb because I hadn't seen her in quite some time. You might just be hearing more about Barb here soon.....stay tuned. Maybe we can even get her to do an Unbreakable Bonds story...what do you think....I'll work on it.

Yup, they are celebs, too, in my book

I didn't take many motorcycle photos...seriously, when you are in a booth with the best why do you need to look around, right? But, this caught my eye from Irish Choppers. Green happens to be my favorite color, personally. I just love this color combination on this bike...

Yes, that's a shot glass at the top of the tank.

We hope you made it to the show and stopped by to say "hi" to Roby, Eric, Dave, Jody, Susan and myself. Maybe you even saw Louie, Cheech and Zipp. If you did, you saw that Zipp used up a lot of energy greeting people so by the end of the day he was a little pooped....

Thanks to all of you who came out. And, of course, to the Perewitz crew who are always wonderful hosts - we love being part of your booth!

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J. Perewitz said...

Hey Donna, It was a great show! Thanks for being there and supporting us! That's a good pic of Zipp! See ya Friday!