Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dealer Expo - Day 1

We're still in Indy for the Dealer Expo show. Day 1 is down and in the books. Sorry I didn't post yesterday or this morning, but it's been pretty hectic.

I didn't tell you yesterday that every time I was in the lobby on Thursday I saw Jason Britton every time I passed through the lobby. Saw him yesterday morning, too. Haven't seen him since. I'll bet he's been swamped at the show. It's fun to see the folks you see on TV all the time here at the show walking around - I've seen Rick Smits, too. He's hard to miss since he's so dang tall! He's here every year.

Since it's late and we just got back from dinner, I'm going to do a little pictorial for you. Enjoy!

Set up continues....

Nicole's new racing bike was waiting for us in the booth on Friday morning!

Soon Nicole, Steve and Shane came to change some decals on the bike and move it around the booth for us. There was no way I was going to move her bike or even have one of our guys do it.

Do you ever notice that when you clean your house or room that it always seems to get worse before it gets better? Same thing applies with setting up a booth. It looks like a wreck while it's being set up. But, don't worry, Don and Roby had a method to their madness.

Craig worked hard setting displays.

The night before every show opens we have a booth meeting. It's a time when we can make sure everyone is in town and on the same page for the next day. Here Don talks about some of the new products to Ross, Craig, Eric, Gustavo, Roby and Tim.


Nicole's motorcycle in its rightful place at the corner of the booth where everyone can see it.

Look! The product actually made it to the walls! I told you there was a method to the madness.

Karen and Nicole visit for a bit before the show really gets crankin'

Nicole and Dave must have hand cramps tonight. They signed so many posters today!

Last year Dave introduced us to Matt Hotch who is so nice! It was good to see him back again this year for a visit.

Jody, Nicole and I had a special treat today. We had a civilized lunch for a change. That doesn't happen often at trade shows! We met up with Mary from Dealernews and had a lovely lunch. She enjoyed hearing about the Women's Riding Essentials classes that Jody and Nicole are going to be doing that she sent a photographer over to take some shots of them in the booth.

Tim was the photographer's assistant during the gal's photo shoot. He did a great least I think he did, I haven't seen the photos yet.

Had a nice chat with Ryan at CycleWorld today. He introduced me to Roland Sands and showed me this motorcycle that he customized for the Ride for Kids. They were selling raffle tickets, which they've been doing for awhile now, for a chance to win the motorcycle. All the proceeds go to the Ride for Kids. Yup, I got my tix.

Here's the Perewitz motorcycle we have in the booth. Tim and Eric find a lull in the crowd to check it out themselves. You want to talk draw to your booth? This is it! Crazy amounts of people have been around this motorcycle all day.

Ok, that's it for the pictures for to get some sleep before I need to be up again early tomorrow morning to be to the show by 8ish. More tomorrow night after Jeff Gordon wins the Daytona 500!

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Anonymous said...

I saw an article on the web and thought you might could give me any contact info for anyone who does booth design/construction for events. This booth would be for a Country Music Artist's Product. Someone told me Hank Jr. had an awesome, but I can't find any info.

Cheryl Visel
Mobile, AL