Monday, December 03, 2007


I knew it was coming....the weather folks have been predicting snow for days...but I wasn't prepared to look out my window last night and see the white stuff on the ground. I woke up with trepidation this morning - were the weather people right and it would be raining or would they be wrong (which is so often the case) and we have a blizzard outside?

They were right. Everything was covered in snow, but it was warm out and it was raining a little bit. We only had a couple of inches of snow, but it was all heavy and not something you'd want to shovel; that's back breaking, heavy snow.

I didn't see any bikes going by my house, but the yard and streets reminded me of this picture that I received recently.

That's our friend Jim Haraughty (left) out for a ride on Thanksgiving in Wisconsin. Looks cold, but they seem to be having a great time.

Be careful riding in the snow and bundle up!

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Fritz said...

No snow where I live yet ;-)