Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What's Your Favorite Part?

Wow..it's been a few days, eh? You'd think that in December, when it's snowy and icy that we'd be slow. After all, most people only ride their bicycles and motorcycles in the good weather, right? But, that's just not the case.

We've got our big powersports trade show in February so planning is underway for that. Getting new products ready for their big debut, finalizing catalogs, getting travel arrangements set and, of course, the big drama of each show - what are we going to wear?! We'll obsess about that for weeks and then, no matter what, someone won't be happy. I think this year, it might be me....oh well...then again, I'm the one doing the ordering....we'll see.

So, the place is humming around here. There really is no 'down' season for us when I think of it. Maybe for a day in November? Yeah...that's it, one day in November. At least that's what it seems to be. January will be all the last minute details and then I'll hit 3 shows in February. I'm not kidding about that one...the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Boston, then the Dealer Expo in Indy and then a distributor show in the UK.

I'm just thankful for the 4-day weekend we all get this weekend for the Christmas holiday. Of course, I'm not done wrapping, but I am done shopping so there is that. I know what I'm doing on Saturday....

So, enough of the bah-humbug work stuff. What's your favorite part of the holidays? Food? Family? Presents? I want to know...what's your favorite part?

Me? That's easy. It's always been about the holiday cards. I rush home every night, like a small child on Christmas morning, to see what present the mailperson has left me that day. And, yes, I consider every single card that I receive a present. A day in the middle of the season without any cards, is a very depressing day. I love hearing from my friends and family - seeing the cards they picked out, reading the little notes and seeing photos of their kids and animals. I love everything about it. Sometimes there are cards in there from people that you only hear from once a year and it is truly a present in an envelope. It's nice to know they are still out there and doing well.

Then there is that one magical card (or nowadays could be an email) from one person that you never expected. Someone you haven't heard from in years or a relative that usually doesn't send out cards. THAT is truly a special present in the mailbox/email box.

I know that cards are expensive and I know that, environmentally, they might not be the best thing (emails would be better, right?)....but they are traditional and something that add a little brightness into a cold winter season. For me, they are the absolute best part of the season - they have friends, family and good memories all wrapped into one small little envelope.

Boston.com today is showing some holiday cards from famous people and places. Check it out.

So...what is your favorite part of the season??


Fritz said...

Like you, I enjoy the "down" time and chance to relax and just DO NOTHING. I'll even try not to check my email.

reva said...

The cards!! I love them! I, unfortunately, have been a slacker & haven't done any last year or this (yet!). Hopefully they will be done before 2009.