Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Great sounds outside the office!

So, I'm sitting at my desk working on a presentation and I hear the unmistakable sound of a dirt bike. My first thought was, "Oh lucky person got a killer present yesterday!" And back to the presentation I went with a little grumble because, obviously, someone was having more fun with a present the day after Christmas than I was sitting here in the office.

Then, because things hit me a little slowly sometimes, I wondered where this person was riding said motorcycle...there is a driveway that goes around our building and on the other side of that is a hill with a steep drop off to the banks of a pond.

I don't have a window - good sized office, but no window. So, my curiosity was a good reason to get off my butt and go look outside.

Yup, looks like a new Honda dirt bike racing around behind the building. The nut was doing wheelies around behind the building. Why "nut"? Not for doing the wheelies - that's kind of cool. I say "nut" because s/he was racing around on the frozen pond. And, I use the word "frozen" loosely. It was in the high 40s on Saturday and Sunday we had a driving rain storm. Wasn't that cold on Monday - chilly, but not cold, cold. Yesterday was, again, chilly, but not cold. So, when did this pond get frozen enough to hold a motorcycle and rider? Yikes! I hope we don't hear a splash anytime soon.

Do you think this person got a Kryptonite lock of some kind with the motorcycle? I hope so. Did you get a Kryptonite lock under the tree to keep your shiny new bike or motorcycle safe? Or a Justice League Padlock in your stocking?

Me? No locks under the tree for me...but then again, I think I know where I can get one in a hurry if I need to.

So...what did you get that will help you have action sports adventures in the new year? Do tell!


Kk said...

Hi Donna. I've been lurking on your blog for awhile now. You are a TROOPER! You write almost as much as our mutual friend Masiguy, almost...

I just started my first blog, bike-centric of course, and wrote about my favorite gift, a training diary from non-bike friends. of course Tim has already corrected my misidentified cyclist on it's front cover!

My Kryptonite U lock keeps my bike safe when detouring from the trail to window shop on State Street in Santa Barbara!

Happy holidays and carry on! The website with it's flipbook pages is really dynamic and fun.

Donna T. said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome, KK. Nice to "meet" you.

Thanks for leaving a comment and for reading all this time. Glad you find something of interest here from time to time.

And, thanks for the New Year's list includes getting some of our other folks to contribute mroe's a secret until next week when I spring it on them. :)

Good luck on your new blog - I love what I've read so far. Keep up the great work both online and on the bike!

Happy New Year!

Kk said...

Thanks Donna. Nice to "meet" you too. Thanks for reading AND commenting. Making someone laugh is the best!