Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hello Korea!

You can find Kryptonite security products in many different countries around the world - something like 50+ countries. That's a lot. But, we aren't in every country...yet. We're working on it!

Part of our expansion has taken us into Korea. We've just signed up two new distributors there - BikeMart is the one that is carrying some of our powersports products. Although I don't read Korean...don't speak it either...I just went to their site, found a blank box in the top right corner, assumed it was a search box, typed in "Kryptonite" and viola! There we were.

It's kind of fun to see "Kryptonite" translated to Korean. And, Evolution series 4 as well.

On the bicycle side, Bikesell has come on board. I thought their site would be even easier to navigate because they have some English words on the home page, but apparently not. I think the issue is that you need a password (their dealers have them, I'm sure) before you can view things. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it (could also have something to do with the above mentioned...I don't read Korean). I'm sure it is all me, by the way.

But, I did find this page where I can see the Evolution series 4 U-lock. Cool!

We are working on getting their info on our main website, but for now, if you are in Korea (and I know some of you readers are!) and interested in getting Kryptonite, go to one of these websites and they'll be able to help you out.

Welcome to the Kryptonite team, Bikemart and Bikesell! Glad to have you both on board.

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