Thursday, December 27, 2007

Website Update

When our new website launched in April, I thought we'd be changing it all the time. That was my intention, but sometimes things get in the way and it isn't always easy. For example, I thought we'd change the stories on the front page every six weeks - it's been since April and we've only had 2 sets (I'm working on the third now). Not that Tim and Roland and the rest of the gang aren't great greeters, but I want to see this more fresh and new more often. Guess that's something to put on my New Year wish list, right?

Anyway, we have made a little change to the site this week, which is fun. We've added some more photos to our promo section from the events we've been a part of this year. You'll even see some Team Kryptonite members in there and a cute doggie. Check it out.

We do have some more things planned for the website shortly after the new year comes so stay tuned. You'll hear about it here first, of course.

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