Thursday, December 13, 2007

All Things Perewitz

I went down to visit our friends at Perewitz Cycle Fab yesterday. I spent a lot of time with Dave, Susan and Jody talking over some things for next year. Got to see Dee and catch up with her for a bit. Jaren was on her way out the door (I'll bet she was going holiday shopping with the days ticking). Of course I got to spend some quality time with my buds Cheech, Louie & Zipp, too. Zipp even decided to take a nap on my lap. I just love that dog.

Didn't see even one of the guys in the shop because they were busy, busy, busy! But, I did pick up a few things I thought I'd share...

Dave and Susan just returned from Ft. Lauderdale where they were enjoying some warm weather and partcipating in the Toys in the Sun Run. It's a HUGE event with over 30,000 people. Can you imagine?! It's billed as the world's largest toy run. I wouldn't doubt it. They even close down Route 95, which is the main route from Maine to Florida, for hours! That's something to see. As a matter of fact, I found a couple of photos, one of the riders and one of the spectators. I'm sure there are more photos and I'd love to see them so leave a link in the comments section!

I hear that not only did Dave participate but he was also in the front of the parade of motorcycles with none other than Aerosmith's main man, Steven Tyler. It seems Steven has put his name on a line of motorcycles now. Good deal. That Dave knows just about everyone doesn't he?

And then there is Miss most people who have ever been to Perewitz Cycle Fab or seen them on the road know, Jody is very involved with the business end of things - marketing, apparel, shows, travel etc. etc. etc. What many people don't know is that Jody builds motorcycles, too. It's not something she does all the time, but she can and she does. Well, now more people are about to find out about this talent of hers (seriously, do you doubt that there is talent in her genes?!). Anyway...Jody and Sara Liberte announced this week that they are building a Bobber for a Cure. They are going to do this live during three different Northeast Motorcycle Expos this winter/spring - Boston, Hartford and Long Island. The press release has all the dates.

Now, not only will you be able to see them working on this motorcycle - building it and rebuilding it three times - but you'll be able to buy raffle tickets and possibly win it in the end. All proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. That's very cool!

What else? Oh, I've started to write for Life at Perewitz, the "Plog" of Perewitz Cycle Fab. Since I was there last night, I'll have my second post soon so visit often and find out who is on Santa Susan's Naughty List! You might not believe who it is!

And, finally, the gang at Perewitz Cycle Fab want to wish you a happy hoilday season. Their holiday open house is this weekend from 11-4. Santa will even be there to see the kids. I'll be there in the afternoon for sure. All the details are on their website.

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J. Perewitz said...

Good post Donna! Zipp is a good boy ;-) Be careful in all this snow! I wish I was in warm FL now!