Monday, November 05, 2007

Slack in the Line

by Roby Holland, National Sales Manager

Back in August we had our 3 new regional managers in the office for a visit. We took this opportunity, after a hard week of work, to go fishing in Duxbury Bay. August is not the most productive time for striped bass fishing but it was all about bringing the team together and doing something other than talking about sales of locks.

We left at grey light (that’s a fishing term) and set out for Gurnet Point to look for stripers working the surface or the possibility of blue fish. On our way out, we saw some birds working and took our chances at throwing some rubber shads - four inch and five inch. The fish weren’t taking it; it seems like they had other prey on their mind. So we continued our adventure on out to the point.

Upon arrival to the point we noticed that there was no activity on the surface; no birds working. We decided to drift along the outgoing tide and see what luck may strike. We only had 2 rods so we had 2 people on while the others dodged sloppy casts and rubber shads wizzing by our heads.

It was quite a spectacle to watch 3 people who had different levels of fishing experience try to catch striped bass. But the real payoff was not necessarily the fishing, but the bringing together of a new team.

While the fishing was not productive we did catch one fish and that credit goes to Craig Glab as much as it bothers me to say so, being the local, of course. After returning from fishing we washed down the boat and headed out to Arthur & Pat’s at Brandt Rock for a breakfast of omelets, bacon, pancakes, steak & eggs and home fries. The best part of the day!

All of you blog readers will be hearing from the new team soon with blog posts about their own adventures on the road.

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