Friday, November 02, 2007

Meet Bob Roll Sunday

Each of the last few years at Interbike we've held a drawing for dealers that attend the show. There are a few prizes, but the grand prize is a visit to their shop by Bob Roll. Each of the last three years it's been "An Evening with Bob Roll" where he'll come in and share stories about his riding days, his fellow competitors and team mates, the Tour Day France and the state of cycling today. He always arrives to packed shops wherever he goes.

This year we changed it up a little bit as part of our whole Feel Free to Stop campaign. This year the grand prize is that Bob will go to the winning shop and ride with the owner and a few of his/her close friends and then go back to the shop and hang out for a little bit. As we mentioned, a very good customer of ours won the event at the show in September. Well it's this weekend!

Yes, Bob will be visiting Velo Pasadena this Sunday morning! It seems as though owners Nevrik and Hrach have taken their prize to the next level and created quite an event for their customers, too. They really care about their customers because not only will Bob be there but there will be food, music, demos, test rides, raffle prizes (hint..think locks, Bob Roll shirts...) and, did I mention...Bob Roll!

The festivities will start around 11am so if you are close to Pasadena, c'mon over and meet Bob - he'll be with our regional manager, Don Shipman, so it's a Kryptonite twofer. Bob and Don will be there until around 1-ish so get on over there and say "hi". And, while you are at it, thank Nevrik and Hrach for making us feel so welcome. Have a great time!

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