Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sharing November 15 with Richard Petty and Jeff Gordon

A few weeks ago the NASCAR guys were in Atlanta where they celebrated the 15 year anniversary of a major milestone. It was at that track 15 years ago where King Richard Petty made his last NASCAR start and a young guy named Jeff Gordon made his first NASCAR start. Talk about a baton pass – wow! Of course, nobody knew then about Jeff Gordon’s career what we all know now….4 championships later. But, still, it’s pretty poignant.

The actual date of that race was November 15. When I looked at that date I realized that another significant event happened that day. No, not to the world at large, but in my little world. It’s the day I started at Kryptonite. Yes, 8 years ago today I walked into the doors of a funky, fun family business. The air was electric and dynamic – and sometimes held balls that sailed by your head when you least expected it (affectionately, of course).

Day to day you didn’t know what might happen – a pick up flag football game in the back yard, movie clips played over the intercom system, a dog wandering the hall or practical jokes orchestrated by quite a few pranksters on just about anyone (nobody was immune). The one thing that you were always guaranteed to find was passion and hard work. We had fun, sure, but we all worked really, really hard. It was a magical time and I couldn’t believe my good fortune at being picked to work at this great company (thanks Peter, Gary and Karen).

My dog Chauncey (RIP) goofing off in my first office shortly after I started.

She spent many days at the office with me and loved all the attention from her friends!

Through the 8 years I’ve traveled around the US, to many different countries (I highly recommend Lago di Garda in the spring) and met some incredible people along the way. Some I consider more friends than colleagues or business associates – a couple I’d consider just about family even. I think that’s just the nature of the business we are in, though. The people in the bicycle and powersports worlds are nice, down to earth, fun people. People I really enjoy spending time with. I’ve been lucky, very lucky.

In 8 years the building has changed (we moved), my office has moved (5 different ones and counting) and many things along the way are now different. But, the passion for the brand is still very much alive by everyone here. And the fun? I haven’t had a ball wiz by my head recently, but the practical jokes? They still happen – just ask Roby about the Snowball (cupcake-like desert) and his car......
So, happy NASCAR anniversary, Mr. Gordon and to all those who have made my time at Kryptonite special...thank you.


J. Perewitz said...

That's interesting that Gordon and Petty departed and entered on the same day!! ANd you started Kryptonite then. Did you plan it that way so you and Jeff could share an anniversary????

Donna T. said... know me well. HA!

Judith Aames said...

It is so good to see Chauncey!

Congrats on your 8 years!!!! You ROCK!