Friday, November 30, 2007

Cars or Bikes

by Jody Perewitz

Winter is upon us here in New England. That means that the motorcycle industry is slowing down, well the service and riding side anyway. The customs are still being built because most of them take several months to build anyway.

Nevertheless on with the story, we have recently acquired a 55 Chevy Wagon that my father has been obsessed with getting. It is a wicked cool car but needs a lot of work. If it was any other time of year the car would be on the back burner and forgotten about but because we are slow the car is going to be full steam ahead!

The car will have big wheels, be low to the ground, and of course have a Perewitz paint job. The guys have made room for the car in the fab shop which is usually filled with bikes. The bikes have been pushed aside and the car is taking center stage.

We are already having fun with this car. There is no motor in it so Jeff, our parts guy, climbs under the hood and Jay gets random people to come over to the car and Jeff pops out! It is too funny and definitely scares a lot of people!

Also there is another car taking up the shop. There is a Chevy SSR Truck in the spray booth! A local guy pestered Dave enough to flame his truck. And as Dave says “I like to do cars once in a while” so the truck is in the spray booth getting painted as I write.

Well I guess when business is slow in one aspect you move on to another. Do whatever it takes to bring in the money!!

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