Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Newest "Shop" in Texas

by Craig Glab, central regional manager

Holy smokes! The newest bicycle repair shop is in Wal-Mart. I went into this brand new Texas store, which happens to be in my region, last week and ran into some folks that looked like they were scouting the new store, too. I think they might have been from a big, red competitor.

The whole store was only open for a week when I went in. The bikes ranged from kids bikes at $65 to $1,800 for adult’s bikes. It was a clean, bright store and bike shop. The bike shop was in the back corner and the signage was pretty good.

During my scouting, I snapped a couple of photos.


Marrock said...

I'd still rather go anywhere than wal-mart.

I'm just not a fan of their amoeba-like tendency to eat up everything around them.

But on the plus side, I'm dropping major xmas hints for a Krypto Evolution and another 7' Kryptoflex since it appears the 15' ones aren't being made anymore.

Donna T. said...

Marrock - Happy Holidays to you, I'll keep my fingers crossed about the Evolution......let me know if I need to drop hints for you. ;)

Yes, the 15' has come out of the line - we've got the 2.5', 4', 7' and 30'. Sorry!

Kevin said...

What city in Texas? Where was this store?

Donna T. said...

Kevin - Highland can read more about it on Bikeradar here: