Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What did I say????

by Roby Holland, National Sales Manager

I was on the last leg of my ride this morning, when a man walking a dog said "how are you?". I replied to him "Good, Good".

As I peddled off across the intersection I thought to myself....Good, Good. What the heck did I mean by that comment, Good, Good.

Did I mean to convey that I was REALLY GOOD, did I mean that I was OK, but could be better or did I mean I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. I began to think about the differnt responses that I give people through the course of the day and listed them out in my head. I wonder what people think when I respond with these different innocuous comments and what does that communicate to the person I'm responding to.

Some of my replies are so ambiguous that they left me thinking, "what the hell did I just say"? When you respond to someone who is asking you how you are think about your response. I find it totally funny to think about some of the responses that I have received and said.

Here are a few differnt responses that came to mind:
I'm alright
Just ducky....Yes there are people that say this as I do and I don't know why.
Just fine thanks
Doin well
I'm there
I'm standing aren't I
Well I made it out of bed to be here
I'm breathing
I have a heartbeat

Cheers Roby


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Most of the time the response comes out of my mouth before my brain has a chance to form the words. It's just a reflex- like that knee thing at the doctor's office when you were a kid.

The words are like a sneeze- they happen on their own.

Casual social interactions are like that. It's really only with the people I truly know that I stop long enough to compose an answer.

We humans are weird.

Anonymous said...

First of all Roby grammatically speaking you are doing well, not good. I know right about now you're saying "geez Fallon, when are you ever going to stop bustin' my chops?"

While I don't think I have ever used it myself I think one of my favorite retorts to the query "how are you?" is . . . "if I were any better I'd be twins"

BTW I love your ride reports Roby.


Donna T. said...

Roby - we constantly are asking "what did he say"? HA

Chris - good one! LOL

Anonymous said...

It good to see that we all can still have a good laugh. Chris, if you did not say somthing that would mean I was perfect and that just could not be. The sky would be falling, mass chaos would spread and Hilary Clinton would be president. We would be doomed. I will keep up the ride posts.
Cheers Roby

Anonymous said...

So half-way down in Roby's comment I was saying "what did he just say?"

-The other Fallon